Big Boss 12 Hindi Episode Review, Cast, and Download News

Big Boss 12 cast:nehha pendse, karanvir bohra, deepika kakar ibrahim, Anup jalota and jasleen matharu, srishty rode, sree santh, surbhi rana, deepak thakur and urvashi vani, somi khan saba khan, sourabh patel and shivashish mishra, roshmi banik, kriti verma, romil choudhary and nirmal singh

Big Boss 12 Review :The controversial reality show Big Boss 12 kick-off on September 16. Again this time, some common people started a lifetime journey to fight against celebrity contestants in the house for the next three months. Like every year, the creators of reality show have come up with a unique theme. By now we all know that the subject of this season is a ‘strange couple’. Along with Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, there are some legal quizzes in the controversial house. Their duo has caught the attention of the audience and we think that nothing is catching up with them.

On Friday, producer Star host Salman Khan will be ready to shoot for the first weekend wire episode of the season. Before you wait for what the weekend episode is storing for you, let’s learn more about how to pass in the first week of reality shows. It is just fake and real, but only time will tell, but Anup and Jasleen have managed to stay on top due to their romantic relationship. Talking about other participants of BB12, instead of enhancing the taste of the show, they have disappointed the audience with some unnecessary fights. Quite literally, he has burned the audience for the first week.

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Khan sisters Saba and Somi (common people) have started holding the lightlight before joining the dispute. The housewife has started hating them, which means they are going a long way in the show. Former cricketer Sreesanth is quite natural and in every situation he is getting cold, who is confusing us, if he can be able to survive in the game. Apart from them, TV actress Deepika Kakara is doing well and is playing well. Singer Deepak Thakur is quite entertaining, but is not equally as much as the need for lightlight.

The rest of the house look like wooden furniture, which does not seem completely realistic. The proceedings in the first week of the house have been quite dull and boring. The first captain’s work also did not catch the interest of the audience. We all know, ugly fights, funny games, backbiting, changing loyalty and such things only control the operation of a drowning ship. The first week was so boring that it seems that it is losing in the interest of the audience. To increase the TRP of Big Boss 12, homes and manufacturers actually need to pump.

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This season is also lacking in the popular names of the film industry and it is actually going to affect the producers of the show. Even though we have Karanvir Bohra, television stars of Deepika Kakar, Shruthi Road show, but they should really be deep and intense in the fight. There is no exciting background in the present lot and there is no curiosity for the audience. If the show continues with a lot of weakness, then this session of Big Boss will be a defeat





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