Loveyatri 2018 Hindi movie Review, Cast, Director and Download News

Loveyatri movie cast:Aayush sharma, warina hussain, ram kapoor, ronit roy, Kamil Lemieszewski, Pratik Gandhi, Hiten Patel, Caroline Wilde

loveyatri movie directer:Abhiraj Minawala

loveyatri movie rating:3.1/10 star

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Loveyatri Review: Sushrut or ‘Susu’ as he’s fondly called, is written off as an unambitious boy, whose only interest is to dance his life away. He constantly faces pressure from his family to find a ‘real’ job, while he dreams of opening his own garba academy in Vadodara. Over to the United Kingdom; Michelle is at the top of her class, but she wishes to return to her motherland in India. Her father (Ronit Roy) reluctantly agrees; they arrive in Baroda and extend their stay to celebrate Navratri on the insistence of his imposing Gujarati family. During the ‘festival of dance’, Susu falls in love with Michelle at first sight. He becomes the typical lover boy who literally runs in circles, to follow his heart.

Romance blossoms between young Sushrut and Michelle when they meet during the festival of Navratri. When Michelle returns home to the United Kingdom, Sushrut embarks on an adventurous journey through a strange land to win back the woman he loves.

loveyatri official trailer,Aayush sharma

Holly Bolly Rating:5/10

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