Robot 2.0 2018 Hindi Movie Review, Cast, Director and Download News

Robot 2.0 movie cast:Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Mayur Bansiwal, Adil Hussain, Kaizaad Kotwal, Sudhanshu Pandey, Maya S. Krishnan

Robot 2.0 movie Directer:S.Shankar

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“The world is not just for humans” – this is the tagline that you can see in 2.0 posters.

Mobile Signal radiation and Akshay Kumar, due to a scientist or hero, many birds are dying, deciding to finish the cell phone and work in this direction. It produces a nonsense and chaos in the entire city and Rajinikanth, prepares the chit, which was destroyed at the end of Part 1 robot. Understanding that Akshay Kumar’s powers are out of control of Chitti, he has upgraded the spots or you can say, Chitini upgrades himself with 2.0 with the same destruction capabilities, which was shown in the second half of the robot. It leaves the audience to decide whether Akshay Kumar is good or bad?

Being a big fan of Shankar who has given films like Hindustan, Hero, Aparichit, Shivaji, Robot and I, the level of patience for a sequence is similar to that of Bahubali. It seems that Shankar has given his full talent in this film with the Big Budget and VFX.

To stop a deadly winged monster, Dr. Vasajiaran has to be forced to gather the spots again.

Robot 2.0 official trailer,Rajinikanth

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